Our family

Our family
Curtis and Tav

Thursday, April 7, 2011


We met with the surgeon today at Huntsman and did the MRI. The MRI report showed the tumor size was 1.2 cm (previously 15cm). However, when the physician did the exam and looked through the scope the tumor is much bigger than 1.2cm. He stated that it was "enormous" before and now it is "moderate" in size. He also stated that the tumor is still attached to something. The MRI showed that there was no bone involvment, so he believes it is attached to the bladder. The surgeon requested that the MRI be re-read, because the tumor size is very different on the MRI than what he saw. The surgeon does not feel that he has clear margins to reconnect Curtis' bowels without a permanent colostomy. We will see a urologist regarding the bladder involvment on April 14th and follow up with the surgeon on April 21st. We are considering a second opinion on the resection, we will let you know how that goes.. 

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