Our family

Our family
Curtis and Tav

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PET Scan Reading

We got an actual copy of the PET scan results today at our appointment. The reading yesterday was visual because the report was not ready yet. There are no tumors or affected lymph nodes in his brain. There is on 7mm lingular nodule, 4mm, 5mm, along with several through out the right lung in both the upper and lower lobe. Subcarinal node measured at 1.2 cm, Cluster of prevascular adenopathy spanning 3.5 cm, Bilateral hilar adenopathy 1cm. See picture.
There are 2 hypermetabolic areas in the liver, however no anatomic lesion is seen to coorispond with the activity. (Meaning, there is signs of cancer in the liver, but they are unable to see a lesion or tumor)
The tumor in is rectum has shrunk some and is less metabolically active.
There are multiple porta hepatis nodes, largest measuring 1.3cm. (Near his liver)
There is a large cluster of retroperitoneal adenopathy (swelling of lymph nodes surrounding the abdomen)
There are multiple retrocrural and retroperitoneal nodes identified (back of abdomen, behind intestines)
Left pelvic lymph node measuring 9mm.
Inguinal nodes are present bilaterally, right measures 1.4cm and left is 1.8cm.

*A dime is 17.8 mm (millimeters), a cm (centemeter) is about the width of a fingertip.

There is extensive growth of the cancer since his last PET scan. Chemo will start Friday. Wish us luck!! Survivor stories are always welcome!!

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