Our family

Our family
Curtis and Tav

Monday, August 29, 2011

ER at U of U

So, here we are in the University of Utah Emergency Room, again. Curtis started feeling sick last night with abdominal pain which turned into headache, fatigue and now severe nausea and vomitting. We called the Huntsman doctor on call and they wanted us to bring him to the ER. We got here about 9:30pm tonight and they took some blood, started him on fluids (2L) and oxygen because his O2 was down to 81 (should be at least 90-100). He had to drink some contrast and needed a lot of IV Zofran for nausea to drink half of the contrast for the CT scan. They are thinking he has a bowel obstruction and severe dehydration.. We will see when we get the CT scan back. They want to send him to Huntsman to stay overnight tonight if there is no bowel obstruction so we can make sure we get a handle on his nausea and vomitting. Curtis asked me to add to the blog more stuff about our family and stuff we like to do, so I will start doing that too. We went down to AZ for treatment and found out 2 hours before he was due for infusion that they can't do the infusion because of the study drug he is on at Huntsman. (Even though they were fully aware he was on a study drug, and spoke with his doctors at Huntsman several times before our trip). So, we flew out there Thursday am and came home Friday am. It was a very stressful trip and a total waste of time. Our tenants moved out of the condo so we have starting painting it and cleaning it for us to move in, hopefully this week.. AZ said they would pay for a portion of our COBRA premiums, which are $956 per month, and now they will not be paying for a portion of it, so I am not sure how this will pan out. If anyone knows of any organizations/groups that help pay for the ridiculously high cobra premiums for cancer patients, let me know.. Curtis just came back from his CT scan, so I will post again with the results. Good thing Starbucks is open 24 hours, looks like a long night is ahead for me. (PS I am supposed to have a 12 hour clinical beginning at 6am) That ought to be interesting..

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