Our family

Our family
Curtis and Tav

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bilirubin back up.. Port back in Friday

We found out today that Curtis' bilirubin is back up. It was down to 2.1 after the stent was put in and it is now 6.4 today. They first scheduled an ultrasound to try and see if there was another blockage or if something happened with the stent, but after speaking to the surgeon, they decided to re-draw the bilirubin level on Monday and see if it has improved. The surgeon thinks that the bilirubin might be elevated because it was taken too soon after the attempted gallbladder procedure. The main issue with the bilirubin is one if his new chemotherapies Irinotecan, is excreted with bilirubin and if the bili is too high, the chemo won't be excreted proparly and will accumulate in the blood. Not good. The plan so far is for him to get his port back in Friday and some of the chemo Monday, and if the bili is down below 3ish, they would consider adding the Irinotecan. He is actually feeling well, mostly just tired. We got to spend some quality time with Tavner today, so that lifted both of our spirits. We are moved back into our house in West Valley. We had to rent it out after Curtis was diagnosed because he has been unable to work. It has taken some time to get moved and unpacked especially with all extra activities lately, but we made it thanks to wonderful family and friends. I am having to take a break again from nursing school. I will be set back 3 months and won't graduate until Dec 2012 now, but I will be able to spend time with my hubby, Tav and the dogs and settle in a bit. I had the surgeon take some pics of the tumors in his gallbladder to post next week..

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  1. Sending prayers. <3. Don't worry about school it will always be there. Family is what really matters.