Our family

Our family
Curtis and Tav

Monday, October 10, 2011

IV Nutrition, Next Pet Scan update

Because of Curtis' "kink" in his bowel, he has lost a tremendous amount of weight the last 6 weeks. (about 20 lbs). We have decided to start IV nutrition. His port will remain accessed all the time and we will do a 12 hour feeding at home. Hopefully the feedings will help him to put on some weight. He is continuing to eat during the day what he can when he feels well. He actually has been feeling better and had more energy. He has been able to work on his Jeep this week and is installing the transmission today with some help from a friend. Here is a pic of his transmission he has completely rebuilt.

The plan with his chemo is to have another treatment tomorrow and one more in two weeks, and then they will do a new scan to see if they will keep him on the same chemo or change it to Folfiri. We see the doctors again tomorrow, so I will update if there are any changes..

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