Our family

Our family
Curtis and Tav

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Things are going okay since we have been home. Curtis sleeps a lot better at home than in the hospital. Seems like everytime he went to sleep the nurse would come back in the room to check vital signs or do his glucose checks. His output in his bag has decreased yesterday and today, so we are a little worried, but some is still coming out, so we are going to watch it.. We followed up with the surgeon yesterday too. He said everything looks really good and if he were to guess the stage of the cancer, he would say a Stage 3. We see the radiation oncologist on Monday and they will do a "dry run" and figure out where they will pin point the radiation treatments and hopefully start radiation next week. Once it is decided when radiation will start, then they will start the chemotherapy treatment (Xeloda) at the same time. Some of the guys in Curtis' family are going to have a "hair cut" party next Saturday, January 15th at 6pm to buzz their hair. That should be interesting. After the radiation oncologist Monday we go to Huntsman at 4pm to get a second opinion on treatment. I will post after these appointments Monday. Thanks for everyones support and hard work getting the benefit dinner/fundraiser together and thanks to everyone who has donated. If you are interested in donating something for the raffle or fundraiser, contact Tawni at 801-755-5310 or Lydia at 801-803-0399.
PS- This post is dedicated to Shelly. She has been waiting for an update :)


  1. We would like to encourage anyone interested to join us in fasting on Wednesdays for Curtis and Shannon - Matthew 19:26 "....with God all things are possible." Thank you for your support! Phil and Sharon