Our family

Our family
Curtis and Tav

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To our friends and family:
Curtis Bryce Howard was diagnosed with aggressive Colorectal Carcinoma on Thursday December 16, 2010. I will try and keep this post updated so everyone can follow as we progress through this journey. During his initial colonoscopy, we were told they did not think he had cancer, they thought it was Crohn's Disease. He has a 15cm stricture from his rectum to his sigmoid colon, generally in cancer the stricture is 5-6cm in length. They did 10 biopsies during the colonoscopy and the results showed infiltrating, intermediate to poorly differentiated carcinoma compatible with adenocarcinoma of the colon. We were referred to a colon and rectal surgeon at St. Mark's Hospital. He referred us to an oncologist, urologist, and someone to educate us about Curtis' ileostomy surgery which is now scheduled for Tuesday, December 28th at St. Mark's. Curtis will be inpatient for a few days to recover from this surgery. Chemo should start soon after the ileostomy, but we are still waiting to get into the oncologist. After seeing the urologist on Monday, we were told that his prostate is not affected by the cancer, the issues Curtis are experiencing is due to inflammation. I will post again soon with more information. Thanks for all your love and support!


  1. To everyone,
    I'm Shannon's mom and have grown to love Curtis and (Tav) so much that last few years since he has been a part of our family. Thanks to everyone so much for all your prayers, support, and words of encouragement. I know God does not bring us to anything that He doesn't bring us through! May God richly bless each of you during this Christmas season!

  2. As always, we are praying for you and everyone involved. We love you!

    Your sister,
    Lydia, Steve, and the kids